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Casey Johansen
Casey Johansen
Co-Inventor of the ALLY

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of the ALLY, The Segway® Modification Kit That...

The ALLY is a unique seating solution for users of the Segway® i2. The Segway® is designed for a standing rider; however, many people wish to enjoy the versatility and agility of the Segway® from strictly a seated position. Now, with the genius of the ALLY design, users can mount and dismount the Segway®, ride and steer the Segway®, and come to a relaxed, seated, ‘at rest’ stop on the Segway®, all without the requirement to stand! The ALLY was designed with respect for the genius of the Segway® and a desire to make this incredible device available for use by a greater number of people. Some of the words we hear from those who see and ride the ALLY are “Epic!” “ Awesome!” “Genius” “Game Changer” “Freedom” and “This will truly change lives”. With confidence in your equal satisfaction, we present to you the ALLY.

“I’ve seen many attempts to literally re-invent the wheel when it comes to mobility devices... but the ALLY is the first legitimate game changer.”

The ALLY is Manufac-
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